A Believer of Jesus Christ
A Believerof Jesus Christ

My heart is full of gratitude. As a Christian, I extend an invitation to readers to share in the joy and peace that comes from surrendering their lives to God. My goal is to offer words of encouragement, urging others to trust God through both good and difficult seasons. ~May the Lord Bless You All (•‿•)

The Virgin Birth: A Divine Promise Fulfilled

Sermon, Published March 10, 2024
Embracing Faith and Obedience: The Virgin Birth as a Divine Promise Fulfilled

Uncovering Grace in Jesus' Genealogy: A Surprising Journey

Sermon, Published March 4, 2024

Defeating Sexual Sin: Discovering Purity and Grace in Matthew 5:27-30

Sermon, Published February 4, 2024
Join us as we explore the internal struggles we face with anger and lust, and the profound impact of these sins on our spiritual and psychological well-being.

Day 31: Unveiling Proverbs 31 - A Woman of Excellence

Features, Published January 31, 2024
Mister Brown reflects on the Proverbs 31 verses, focusing on the description of an excellent wife and the importance of centering one's life on the fear of the Lord.

Seeking Wisdom: Unveiling the Power of Prayer in Proverbs 30

Features, Published January 30, 2024
Contemplating the true nature of prayer, highlighting the importance of communication with God, and seeking His will in our lives.

How Trusting in the Lord Protects You from the Snare of the Fear of Man

Features, Published January 29, 2024
Mister Brown discusses the impact of being controlled by the opinions of others and provides insightful examples, such as the story of Daniel and his friends, to illustrate the power of unwavering trust in God.

Understanding Sin: Proverbs 28 Unpacked

Features, Published January 28, 2024
Mister Brown delves into the definition of sin, its impact on our thoughts, words, and actions, and the importance of confession and forsaking of sin to obtain mercy.

Don't Boast About Tomorrow - Embracing Faith and Living in the Present

Features, Published January 27, 2024
The importance of living fully in the present, while also recognizing the uncertainty of the future.

The Dog's Vomit and Human Folly: Proverbs 26 in the 31 Days of Wisdom

Features, Published January 26, 2024
The analogy of a dog returning to its vomit is a powerful lesson on the consequences of repeating foolish choices.

The Importance of Self Control: Lessons from Proverbs 25

Features, Published January 25, 2024
The episode discusses the importance of self-control as a protection from making bad choices and from the influence of others.

The Messy Aftermath: Seeking Revenge

Features, Published January 24, 2024
Mister Brown reflects on the destructive nature of holding onto the desire for payback and encourages listeners to trust in God's ability to work out justice and forgiveness.

Proverbs 23 - Uncovering Envy, Fear, and Future Hope Deconstruction

Features, Published January 23, 2024
In this episode, Mister Brown shares his insights on the verses "Do not envy sinners; you have something they don't, a future hope" from Proverbs 23:17-18.