Defeating Sexual Sin: Discovering Purity and Grace in Matthew 5:27-30

Join us as we explore the internal struggles we face with anger and lust, and the profound impact of these sins on our spiritual and psychological well-being.


In a thought-provoking sermon, Richard Ho addresses the internal struggle faced by individuals when confronting the sins of lust and adultery. The timeless wisdom of Matthew 5:27-30, a crucial passage in the Sermon on the Mount, is illuminated as Ho delivers a compelling message that resonates deeply with the human experience.

Unveiling the Truth of Scripture

Mr. Ho skillfully navigates the complexities of biblical interpretation, shedding light on the significance of understanding the cultural context and historical teachings of the scriptures. He emphasizes the religious community's reliance on rabbinic teachings due to the lack of individual interaction with the Word of God.

The Weight of Adultery

Communicating the gravity of the prohibition against adultery within the Jewish community, Ho underscores the sanctity of sexual intimacy confined within the boundaries of marriage. By highlighting the societal expectations and consequences surrounding this sin, he deepens the audience's understanding of its impact.

The Heart of the Matter

Delving into the psychological and spiritual ramifications of sexual immorality, the speaker exposes the destructive nature of lustful thoughts and intentions. Ho delivers a poignant message that treats lustful desires as equivalent to the act of adultery, a somber realization calling for sincere introspection.

The Crucial Need for a Savior

Ho effectively articulates the fundamental need for Jesus to fulfill God's law, drawing attention to the limitations of human righteousness. His compelling delivery urges listeners to recognize the inadequacy of their own efforts and to seek the grace and righteousness found in Christ.

A Call to Action and Reflection

The sermon intertwines personal anecdotes and powerful words to issue a call to live in a way that glorifies God, urging individuals to remove stumbling blocks that lead to sin and to demonstrate worship through their actions. Ho brings a deeply personal and relatable approach to his message, compelling believers to pursue an authentic relationship with God.

Understanding FAQs about the Sermon

Q: What is the central message of Richard Ho’s sermon?

A: The sermon centers on the internal struggles related to lust and adultery, emphasizing the need for the fulfillment of God's law through Jesus Christ and the call to live in a manner reflective of true worship.

Q: How does Richard Ho address the societal context of sexual immorality?

A: Ho highlights the societal expectations and consequences of adultery within the Jewish community, providing valuable insight into the cultural significance of sexual purity.

Q: What practical advice does Richard Ho provide for overcoming temptation and living a life pleasing to God?

A: The sermon offers guidance on seeking support from the Holy Spirit, engaging with scripture, participating in Bible study and fellowship, and finding joy and satisfaction in Christ to overcome temptation.

Q: How does Richard Ho emphasize the need for self-control in the context of lust and sexual sin?

A: Ho offers practical advice for men to guard their eyes and minds against lustful thoughts while guiding women to guard their hearts and pursue relationships with godly men.


Richard Ho’s sermon on Matthew 5:27-30 is a powerful exploration of the internal battles faced by individuals in contending with lust and sexual immorality. With insightful biblical interpretation and practical applications, Ho provides a message that is both convicting and empowering, ultimately emphasizing the need for Christ as the source of righteousness and restoration.