The Holy Act of Giving: Supporting the Saints

Understanding the Importance of Giving. A Practical Guide for Supporting the Church.

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In his sermon on 1 Corinthians 16:1-4, titled "Supporting the Saints," Richard Ho, the speaker and Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hollywood, delves into the significance of giving in the context of worship. Drawing from Paul's instructions to the Corinthian church regarding the collection for the saints, Ho expounds upon the biblical call to support the church and its ministries. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of Ho's sermon, highlighting key points, theological insights, and practical applications for believers.

The Significance of Sunday Worship

The Resurrection and the Importance of Sunday

Pastor Ho initiates his sermon by discussing the importance of Sunday as a day of worship and gathering for Christians. He references the resurrection of Christ, which occurred on a Sunday, and how this significant event solidified Sunday as the day of worship in early Christian tradition.

Giving as an Act of Worship

Building upon the theme of worship, Ho emphasizes that giving is not merely a cultural tradition but a vital aspect of worship. He cites Acts 20:7, where Paul preaches on a Sunday and a church gathering takes place, reinforcing the idea that Sunday gatherings provide the opportune time for giving.

Periodic and Personal Giving

Pastor Ho highlights the biblical principle of giving regularly, not as a one-time event but on a consistent basis. He stresses the importance of periodic giving, encouraging believers to set aside resources as they prosper. Through this practice, individuals can store up for future giving and contribute to the overall mission of the church.

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Supporting the Ministry and the Poor Saints

The Financial Disparity between Antioch and Jerusalem

Pastor Ho delves into the financial gap between the church in Antioch and the church in Jerusalem. He discusses how the church in Jerusalem faced severe persecution, resulting in the plundering of their properties and imprisonment of believers. Additionally, a famine had struck Jerusalem, exacerbating their plight. Ho emphasizes the need to remember and support the poor within the congregation, citing Galatians 6:10, which prioritizes assisting those within the household of faith.

Purposeful Giving for the Gospel's Progress

The speaker emphasizes purposeful giving, highlighting that funds are essential to support the various activities, events, and ministries of the church. Ho addresses the misconceptions surrounding church finances and emphasizes the importance of financially supporting ministries that are honest and effective in their use of funds.

The Importance of Church Gatherings and Unity

In this section, Ho highlights the significance of church gatherings and the need for funds to facilitate these gatherings. He emphasizes the call for unity among believers and explains how giving plays a role in creating an environment conducive to community and worship. Ho encourages all believers to contribute, regardless of their financial status, as they benefit from the communal gathering.

Encouraging Positive Attitudes towards Giving

Breaking the Silence on Giving

Pastor Ho acknowledges that discussing money can be uncomfortable, as some may perceive the church solely as interested in financial matters. However, he emphasizes the importance of following the biblical instructions on giving and encourages open dialogue about finances and their role in worship.

A Culture of Cheerful and Regular Giving

Pastor Ho brings attention to the First Baptist Church of Hollywood's covenant, written by Jake Noonan Brown in 1853. He emphasizes the commitment to cheerful and regular giving as outlined in the covenant. Ho encourages listeners to adopt a positive attitude towards giving, recognizing its role in supporting the ministry, church expenses, helping the poor, and spreading the gospel globally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q1: Why is giving emphasized in the church?

Answer: Giving is emphasized in the church because it is an act of worship and a way for believers to support the ministry, church activities, and help those in need. The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the importance of giving to support the work of the church and care for fellow believers.

Q2: Is giving only about money?

Answer: No, giving is not solely about money. While financial contributions are necessary to support the church's activities, giving can also include offering one’s time, talents, and resources in service to others. Giving encompasses various forms of selfless generosity.

Q3: Should I feel pressured to give if I am unable to do so?

Answer: No, giving should never be perceived as a burden or a means of coercion. The Bible reminds us that God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). If someone is unable to give financially, they can still contribute in other ways, such as offering their time, talents, or prayers.

Q4: How can I discern whether a ministry is honest and responsible in managing funds?

Answer: It is essential to do thorough research and exercise discernment when selecting a ministry to support financially. Look for ministries that are transparent in their financial reporting, have a clear mission statement, and are accountable to a governing board or oversight body. Additionally, reputable organizations often provide financial records and annual reports for public scrutiny.


Richard Ho's sermon on supporting the saints through giving provides valuable insights and practical guidance for believers. By elucidating the significance of Sunday worship, the importance of purposeful giving, and the role of generosity in supporting the church and its ministries, Ho encourages listeners to embrace a positive attitude towards giving. Through this sermon, he emphasizes that giving is not merely a financial obligation but an act of worship and a means to advance the kingdom of God.

"I am truly grateful to Pastor Richard Ho of First Baptist Church of Hollywood for his unwavering dedication to upholding the teachings of the word of God."

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