The Supernatural Birth of Jesus

The Virgin Birth: Fulfilling Prophecy and Unlocking the Divine Purpose of Jesus

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In a recent sermon by John MacArthur titled "The Supernatural Birth of Jesus," the renowned pastor delved into the significance of Christ's birth. Through a deep exploration of biblical passages, MacArthur sheds light on the divine nature and fulfillment of prophecy associated with the birth of Jesus. This article will provide a thorough analysis of MacArthur's sermon, highlighting key points and insights that underscore the supernatural birth of Jesus.

The Divine Nature of Jesus' Birth

Prophecies in Isaiah and John

MacArthur compares the claims of divinity made by God in Isaiah 43 with those made about Jesus Christ in the New Testament. The connection between Isaiah 42 and John 1 highlights Jesus' identity as the one with God and the ultimate redeemer.

The Virgin Birth and Prophecy Fulfillment in Matthew

MacArthur discusses how Matthew connects the virgin birth of Jesus to the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14. The Greek word used in Matthew 1:23 for "virgin" has always referred to a person who has never had sexual relations, emphasizing that the intent of the Hebrew word "almah" in Isaiah 7:14 is also to be understood as "virgin."

Overcoming Skepticism and Scientific Challenges

MacArthur addresses critics who attempt to explain the virgin birth scientifically, emphasizing that the absence of a Y chromosome makes all attempts to explain it naturally impossible. The fulfillment of prophecies and divine intervention affirm the supernatural character of Jesus' birth.

The Significance of Jesus' Birth: The Messiah's Unique Birth

MacArthur explores the concept of a unique birth for the Messiah, citing references made by rabbis. The supernatural birth of Jesus is an essential sign of his messianic identity.

The Completion of the Story in Matthew

MacArthur reflects on Joseph's dedication to keeping Mary a virgin until Jesus was born and how this completes the story of Jesus' birth as presented in Matthew. The birth of Jesus symbolizes the fulfillment of prophecies and the commencement of his mission as the King.

The Implications of Jesus' Birth: Jesus' Ministry among the Needy

MacArthur explains how Jesus' birth creates a path for him to minister to different groups of people, including the sick, demonized, poor in spirit, meek, fearful, guilty, lepers, and the hungry. Through his poverty, Jesus enriches the lives of believers, offering hope and salvation.

Gratitude, Reflection, and Worship

MacArthur expresses his gratitude for the fellowship, music, and worship that are an integral part of the Christmas season. He encourages believers to reflect on the gift of Jesus Christ and the tremendous impact his birth has had on humanity.

Prayer for Joy and Faithfulness

MacArthur concludes the sermon with a prayer, asking for unbounded joy and faithfulness in the lives of believers.

FAQ Section:

Q1: Were Joseph and Mary married when Mary became pregnant?

Answer: No, Mary became pregnant before they were married, causing a dilemma for Joseph as the betrothed woman who becomes pregnant was to be stoned to death according to Deuteronomy.

Q2: What did Joseph decide to do when he found out about Mary's pregnancy?

Answer: Initially, Joseph decided to send Mary away secretly to avoid disgracing her. However, he was a compassionate and righteous man, so he considered a public divorce. Ultimately, he decided on a quiet, private divorce instead.

Q3: How did Joseph come to accept the supernatural nature of Mary's pregnancy?

Answer: An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and assured him that Mary's child was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The angel instructed Joseph not to be afraid and to take Mary as his wife.

Q4: Did Joseph and Mary have any children after Jesus?

Answer: Yes, Joseph and Mary had other children after Jesus was born, as mentioned in biblical accounts.


John MacArthur's sermon on "The Supernatural Birth of Jesus" provides an insightful analysis of the significance and divine nature of Jesus' birth. By exploring biblical passages and understanding the fulfillment of prophecies, MacArthur brings to light the miracle of the virgin birth and its impact on Jesus' role as the Savior. The sermon serves as a reminder of the gift of Jesus Christ and encourages believers to reflect on their faith during the Christmas season.